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[sticky post] The LIFE LIST [Aug. 22nd, 2012|09:41 am]
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[Current Mood |peacefulpeaceful]


  • Take the "No Poo" Challenge 3 months, no shampoo, and loving it!

  • Switch to all natural body products (deodorant, toothpaste, etc.)

  • Learn yoga

  • Take a walk, everyday, for a year

  • Keep a journal/start a blog

  • Try a polyphasic sleep schedule

  • Get a tattoo

  • Dye my hair a rad color


  • Have a (big) bountiful garden

  • Have my home featured on Apartment Therapy

  • Own an Eames original

  • Switch to all natural household cleaners (all-purpose, window black tea!, bathtub/tile, toilet bowl, floor halfway there! using borax and dish soap/Mrs. Meyers Clean Day, dishwasher, dish soap, laundry detergent)


  • Learn how to can and preserve

  • Buy fresh, local, in-season veggies from the Farmer's Market


  • Learn how to change my own oil

  • Learn to change/rotate my tires

  • Learn to change a battery


  • Learn needle-felting

  • Re-learn how to knit

  • Re-learn how to use a sewing machine

  • Make the girls' halloween costumes (...for at least ONE halloween)

  • Make my own clothes

  • Make Textile Art



  • When we move make up care packages for, and introduce myself to, our new neighbors

  • Start a new community program (e.g. Community Watch, etc.)

  • Organize a community event (e.g. Block Party, etc.)

  • Purchase a plot in the community garden

  • Attend a town hall meeting


  • Run a successful Etsy shop

  • Settle all debts

  • Raise my credit score back to fantabulous

more to come as I think it up...

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Keep on Truckin'... [Aug. 15th, 2012|09:31 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

I'm not one to rely on big boogie men in the sky, but man, I'm praying that the next house showing on Friday is the one that matters. It's not that I'm so anxious to leave this home... It's just that I'm so anxious to move on to the next one. Once I finally set my mind to something, I like to go, go, GO!

Plus I've been busting my ass getting and keeping this place in decent shape. I need a break. -_-

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(no subject) [Nov. 17th, 2011|09:12 pm]
Haha, this is the second time this year I found this livejournal! I keep totally forgetting about it. But now it kind of makes me want to write in it again.
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(no subject) [Apr. 13th, 2011|06:22 pm]
 Oh yeah, I have this livejournal.
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well, this is a very link-tacular entry! [Jun. 23rd, 2009|02:19 pm]
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[Current Mood |chipperchipper]
[Current Music |We Are! from One Piece]

Much of my artistic endeavors in the past week or so have been funneled into combing through interior design blogs thanks to our (hopefully)  imminent move to a real, live house. I have ideas that I will perhaps share as things shape up and our plans become more solid. For now though, I would like to offer up my favorite sites so far,saucydwellings and the etsy finds decor.
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fate perhaps? [Jun. 20th, 2009|09:16 am]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]
[Current Music |The Bear climbing on things]

Everyone knows the key to making it as an artist in this world is networking. And in this, the age of technology, what better way to network than through online sites? In the spirit of this ideology I created an account with the site myartspace several years ago. I hadn't done much with it until earlier this month, when I uploaded pictures from the series I did for my BFA show. Here's where it gets good. I wake up this morning and go to the computer to check my email (like I do every morning) and what do I find in my inbox? A message from myartspace, saying that my work has been added to their front-page media vehicle and I've been chosen as one of their featured artists for the month! (If you go the website and refresh a few times, you should see it)

What occurs to me as most interesting about this though, is the timing. Last night I was sitting out on the balcony (we live 11 floors up) watching as a thunderstorm blew in. I was inspired for the first time in many, many months to pull out my sketchbook. As I sat out there drawing, surrounded by the tension of the night, the incoming storm, and punctuating lightning strikes, I felt something amazing. A tangible energy, excitement so palpable I can't even begin to describe. When the rain began I went back inside and went to bed. That was about a quarter til 2. At 2:04, I got the message in my inbox. 

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why i started cannedrabbit [Jun. 18th, 2009|12:21 am]
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[Current Mood |awakeup way past my bedtime!]
[Current Music |the whir of the baby monitor]

I want to talk a little bit more about why I decided to start this journal.

First--and probably most importantly--I want to chronicle my experiences with trying to make it as an artist while also being a full-time mother. To many this way of life is not and could never be an option. After all, it's hard enough to be one or the other. I want to prove the exception to the rule and hopefully inspire others out there to do the same. As forward thinking a nation and culture we may be, the fact that

tragic_elegance told me that "[...]at one time I thought [motherhood] was a one-track job" tells me that there's still room for improvement and greater awareness.

Which brings me to another raison d'etre for this journal. I hope to also make my dear readers more aware of female artists, both contemporary and throughout history. Because as hard as it is to be a mother and an artist, it's still pretty hard to be a woman in a field dominated by men, and male historians. (Quick quiz! Name as many female artists as you can. Do it!)

Discussion and networking is another important reason I wanted to put this journal online. As a mother I don't get out as much as I perhaps should, so the internet is a vital link to the outside world for me. I hope to encourage open discussions on everything from current artworld goings on to housewifery/mommy stuff. And, of course, I have ulterior motives in hoping inspiration may soon follow.

I guess my content can be broken down into three categories. One, sharing my art and my struggles as an artist. Two, sharing my triumphs and struggles as a mom (and to a lesser degree, a wife). And lastly, sharing links, clips, and tips from both the art world and the home front. Hope you'll all support me, join in on discussions, and share my journal with a friend if you think anything I have to say is useful and pertinent!

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my existential crisis [Jun. 16th, 2009|10:52 pm]
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[Current Mood |awakeawake]
[Current Music |the hum of the ps3]

The thing about being a mother is that you give so much of yourself until there's nothing left to give. Then you give some more. The problem with this formula is that by the end of the day you're spent and it's hard to make time for yourself. And so you begin to hit upon the question of identity. Who are you, now that this tiny being has taken over your life? A mother certainly. But are you still the same as you were before? Or have you fundamentally changed?

This is the existential crisis I now face. Before my baby, I was an emerging artist. Now, however, I have a hard time identifying myself as such. It's been a good, long while since I last really got involved in my artwork. When I became pregnant I realized it wouldn't be easy to devote myself to my art and take care of a child, but what I didn't expect was my apparent total apathy. I didn't expect to lose my drive the way I did.

Don't get me wrong. I love my baby girl to death! But I also love and miss my art. So now that almost a year has gone by--and we're at a point where she's more independent and I'm getting my footing back--I feel like I can start trying to jump back in my work. And this is my testament to my endeavors, something I can look back on and keep track of my progress. Hopefully, I'll have something to show soon!

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